Multi-color Amber with Turquoise Designer Choker,Turquoise with Coral Designer NecklaceMulti-color Amber Designer Necklace Multi-color Amber Designer Necklace ,Multi-color Gemstone Necklace,Multi-color Natural Stones Amber Hand-Crocheted Designer Necklace,Smokey Quartz Rosette with Pearl Necklace, Amethyst and Peridot Necklace,Diamond-Cut Amber Necklace,Amber Designer Necklace,Amber Designer Necklace,Multi-color Amber with Turquoise Necklace, Multi-color Amber Necklace,Cherry Amber Designer Necklace,Amber Designer Necklace,Amber Hand-Crocheted Designer Necklace,Dyed Coral Designer Necklace,Dyed Coral Necklace,Silver Rose and Pearl Necklace,Ruby and Jade Necklace

one of a kind

Mixed Stones and Pearl Necklace
Turquoise Necklace


Multicolor Amber with Turquiose Desinger Choker
Turquoise with Coral Designer Necklace
Multi-color amber designer necklace Cleopatra
Multi-color Gem Stone Necklace
Multi-color Natural Stones
Amber Hand Crocheted Desinger Necklace
Smokey Quartz Rosette with Pearl Necklace
Amethyst and Peridot Necklace
Diamond Cut Amber Necklace
Amber Designer Necklace
Amber Designer Necklace 'Autumn Waterfall'
Multi-color Amver with Turquoise Necklace
Multi-color Amber Necklace 'Fall Leaves'
Cherry Amber Designer Necklace
Amber Designer Necklace
Amber Hand-Crocheted Designer Necklace
Dyed Coral Designer Necklace
Dyed Coral Necklace
Silver Rose and Pearl Necklace
Ruby and Jade Necklace